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Reaction videos have become a thing in recent times and are being used to great effect by a pair of twin brothers who are discovering classic jams of old. The brothers have gone viral for their reaction to hearing Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” track and helping others of their generation discover the classic.

In an interview with PEOPLE, 21-year-old brothers Tim and Fred Williams of Gary, Ind. have been trying to expand their audio pursuits by way of their YouTube channel, TwinsthenewTrend. In a series launched on the channel, “First Time Hearing: Twins the New Trend,” the Williams brothers have dug into tracks from Dolly Parton, Anita Baker, Blake Shelton, Amy Whinehouse, and more with varying reactions.

As Hip-Hop fans, the audio experiment has transformed Tim and Fred’s lives tremendously after dropping the Phil Collins video just a week ago. What makes their story even more fascinating is that the brothers work alongside their mother, who once struggled with addiction and prison time but has channeled her energy in helping others with the same troubles she once faced.

And this isn’t the first time the Williams twins have hit the viral airwaves after making similar reaction videos of hearing The Carpenters and even opera singer Luciano Pavarotti.

As for the reaction video, Tim and Fred will go down for enlightening a bunch of Generation Z folks to the brilliance of artists that deserve shine. Check out their reaction video to “In The Air Tonight” below, and keep scrolling for reactions to their video from Twitter.

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