Ahead of the release of his upcoming album, Loyalty Is Key, Rado Rackz gave listeners a preview of what’s to come when he dropped his latest single “Lucrative” last month. While he’s spent the first half of 2020 laying low and strategically planning out his next moves, he’s back today with the visuals for “Lucrative”.

In the song, he reiterates that he’s very specific about the conversations he wants to be a part of, rapping “I told them off the rip, please never include me in a conversation if it ain’t really lucrative”. So if we ever see Rado engaging in a conversation it’s safe to assume he’s discussing business.

The video itself follows what might be a regular day in the trap for Rado – staying busy and running it up!. With the exception of a very short cameo by one of his friends, Rado remains alone for almost the entirety of the video. This could be a direct reflection of how he keeps to himself as he’s handling his business to avoid any distractions.

With all of his shows and events being put on pause due to the pandemic, Rado has been taking his time to hone in on his online presence and networking, interacting with listeners and potential collaborators nationwide. He’s also been busy working on pushing the joogstarz lifestyle through his merch, which is set to release across his website Www.JoogStarz.com.

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