Quando Rondo My Life Story: Listen to as Quando Rondo Tells His Life Story On New Video Single

Dropping the video for his new single “My Life Story” today, Quando Rondo follows up the momentum he started with his new song “Depression.” As always, the rapper gets deep in his emotions to pull out this track. flowing smoothly over a chilling beat.

Download & Listen below;

Quotable Lyrics:

I had a dream about my killer just the night before
Hate to face the fact that love don’t live here, they knife to my throat
I used to call you my lil’ bro, you went and broke the code
Guess I’m just a flower in the garden that won’t never grow
Heart been so broke so many times, come meet me at the crossroad
5150, I was taught to scribe and stick to my oath
Fifty-fifty I split the pardon and they still come back for more
Just like Ricky, hit me with backshots and left me all on my own

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