The Internet is having way too much fun at NBA YoungBoy‘s expense. Social media has fully unloaded on the Louisiana rapper after he put out the album artwork to his upcoming TOP and immediately sparked comparisons to fellow rap artist Roddy Ricch‘s Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial cover.

NBA YoungBoy Copied Roddy Ricch

On Thursday, NBA went to his social media pages to unload the must-see cover. Barring any changes – including a possible cover redo – the LP is set for September 11.

“September 11th “TOP” the album 18 songs #PreOrder now” -NBA YoungBoy’s Twitter

NBA YoungBoy copied Roddy Ricch’s album artwork style.

High-Key Details

Instead of saying mum, the Internet completely went off on YoungBoy. People put together the connection between NBA’s cover and Roddy Ricch’s unforgettable artwork.

Wait, There’s More

The big album cover reveal comes following YoungBoy and Migos‘ new “Need It” music video premiere.

Before You Go

Outside of music, NBA recently shared a rare moment hanging out with one of his kids.

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