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Social media challenges have been one of the great unifiers among the quarantined, and a pair of challenges that popped off this week celebrated the softer things in life. The #MoodChallenge and #PeriodChallenge trending topics provided some feel-good moments for the folks out there trying to get through these tough times.

We haven’t been able to determine who exactly kicked off the trends but we can say that the #PeriodChallenge, which puts an emphasis on the bottom, came first. Essentially, the “P” in period is replaced by a woman’s buttocks and spells out the word “period.”

For the #MoodChallenge, the traction has been a bit lower but basically, a woman’s bosom is used to spell out the word “mood” in this trend. However, there have been some women who claim they could enter both challenges but the pictorial evidence is lacking. That said, it’s all good fun and everyone seems to be taking their time with this one.

We’ve collected some of the best ones we could find below.

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