has been all over online media following a video of him being tanked at a gig circulated around the web.

In spite of the fact that the artist had come out to apologize to his fans clarifying he objected to his knee yet huge numbers of his fans are not getting it as they felt he is attempting to conceal.

Bilankulu who is Mlindo’s director addressed Daily Sun about the occurrence.

“With my experience, I wouldn’t let Mlindo go in front of an audience alcoholic. I’d preferably delay the exhibition or prevent him from jumping in front of an audience.”

“Anyway, he went in front of an audience and began performing. During the presentation, I think he was excessively energized, and took a beverage from the group and drank it.”

Indeed, Mlindo multiplied down on the frail knee story by going onto stage with braces at his next exhibition in KwaZulu-Natal.

Watch video underneath:

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