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Lovecraft Country is the s#!t. If you’re not watching we don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. When you say a show is part Black American history, part science-fiction, and part fantasy, it can sound…busy but Lovecraft County is beautifully crafted out of love as evidenced by last week’s opening to “Whitey’s On The Moon”. If you know, you know.

As a new Sunday fast approaches so does episode 3 which is entitled “Holy Ghost”. We’re on the edge of our seats and two thumbs deep in the group chat in anticipation for this one. The first two episodes have set the bar very high and if this show goes three-for-three then it might be time to start eyeing award season next year.

But before we jump the gun let’s just take a moment to enjoy what we have before us. Peep the trailer for the new episodes in the video below and hit the comments to let us know what your favorite part of the first two episodes are so far.

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