LOCS, a young artist from Ohio, dropped his new scorching single “2020 Freestyle.” Filled with incredible substance as he raps at the speed of lightening, you’ll find yourself trying to catch up.

LOCS is undeniably dedicated to his craft. Picking up the pen and writing powerful lyrics on a consistent basis, music has been his passion since he was just a little kid. Recently dropping a fiery track called “No Mercy” with Adrian Stresow, he’s been keeping up his streak by dropping more music than ever. On his “2020 FREESTYLE,” the talent that he has with words is front and center as he takes us on a 1 minute and 34 seconds speedy roller coaster ride.

The way that LOCS puts metaphorical words together and at the rate in which he does it is mind-blowing. His flow and delivery is fluid and filled with substance yet is also done at a fast pace. Powerfully delivering, you can feel his rawness and hunger throughout the music. As he freestyles intricate wordplay, the calm and light beats in the background are an impeccable choice, particularly because his fast voice becomes a part of the beat, making “2020 FREESTYLE” even more intriguing. 

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