iOne Digital stands in solidarity with the professional athletes using their voices to speak out against injustice. #BlackLivesMatter

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Earlier this afternoon the Milwaukee Bucks took a stand to not play in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake. Blake is a black man from their state who was senselessly shot by police 7 times in his back. The Bucks deciding not to play is just the start, as of now all the NBA games for today have been canceled and will be rescheduled for a later date.

From media outlets inside the bubble, it’s noted that this just isn’t the Bucks, all NBA players and teams are on board and in favor of the decisions. The bold move has now spread beyond the NBA as now Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers will not be playing tonight either.

In addition, Kenny Smith from TNT’s hit show “Inside The NBA” decided to walk off the set while on the air in solidarity with the players. In his exact words “it just doesn’t feel right to be sitting here” which is understandable.

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