West’s campaign team is reportedly hiring more volunteers, staffers, and advisers.

Kanye West is continuing his aggressive race to the White House, in fact, he’s been hiring new campaign staff to beef up his chances of landing on numerous ballots. 

According to TMZ, sources close to West said he’s hired a new team of political advisors and people with experience to assist him with his late campaign. Additionally, Kanye’s advisors are hiring individuals to work on the trail. Volunteers are also being recruited, and third-party organizations have been contracted to pinpoint how to spread campaign awareness throughout the U.S.

Unsurprisingly, the sources also shared at the moment the campaign’s mission is garnering enough signatures to get Kanye on the remaining state’s ballots. Volunteers have reportedly been canvassing in West Virginia, while elsewhere in New York campaign staffers are battling against the state’s Thursday deadline. West Virginia’s Secretary of State office confirmed that West needs 7,144 signatures by Monday to be included on the ballot.

Yesterday, a report exposed that Kanye was facing issues in Illinois, his home state. Petition signatures he’d submitted were raising questions about their validity. Three objections have been filed with the Illinois Board of Elections, because of this an evaluation of the validity of the signatures will take place. Then a special meeting will happen to determine if his name will be included on the state’s ballot. 

Anyone has the ability to request to evaluate the 412 petition papers West filed last week. Per TMZ , “every single signature can be objected to for various reasons — including possible duplicates and/or use of fake names.” 

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Sean Tenner who was angered by the mogul’s comments on Harriet Tubman said after taking a look through roughly 3,200 signatures, he alleges less than 1,000 were valid. Kanye needs 2,500 signatures valid signatures to remain on Illinois ballot. 

West’s team has submitted paperwork for New Jersey, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Missouri.

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