Polarizing “Insecure” star Christina Elmore aka Condola (who ruined Issa & Lawrence’s love story with her pesky pregnancy) is actually pregnant in real life. No, seriously, she is and revealed her adorable baby bump in pics at Issa’s Emmys celebration with the cast.

Now, we doubt she would troll us like this but, then again, maybe she would after getting dragged for an entire season.

Either way, it was quite the reveal that we didn’t see coming ahead of Season 5 where we find out what happens between Issa and Lawrence/Lawrence and Condola who said she’s keeping his baby despite their breakup.

Well, that’s if they ever film the highly anticipated fifth season currently facing production delays due to the COVID crisis.

We’re in the room, writing season five — on Zoom,” showrunner Prentice Penny revealed about the next season of “Insecure.”

“Everything changes day by day, week by week,” said Penny when asked about the Season 5 filming schedule. We were supposed to shoot this year — and, like everyone, we got pushed to 2021. We have a lot of contingency plans for 2021, in terms of when we get to start, but we’re not steering the ship on that. Two months ago we were OK in Los Angeles and it was New York that was in the toilet. All we can control is the writing right now, so that’s what we’re focused on.”

How do you feel about Condola’s real-life pregnancy? or is she trolling us all? Tell us in the comments and peep the hilarious “Insecure” fan reactions on the flip.

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