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This week’s Real Housewives Of Potomac was a slow build to the impending fight between Candiace and Monique we are still waiting for. Here’s what happened:

– We got more of Dr. Wendy who is quickly becoming a fave on the show. She’s all about her degrees and being overly qualified for a lot of the shenanigans though she is showing she can mix it up with everyone else.

Here’s what happened last week:

– The episode revolved around more dinner drama as Ashley’s dinner erupted into petty mess. Monique and Gizelle invited Candiace for some reason and wanted an apology and that didn’t go over well at all.

– Candiace and Ashley seemed on the same page wanting to work things out in private but you know that won’t last long.

– Candiace showed off her big girl drawls but telling Robyn, who wanted to remind her of a knife throwing incident, to “shut the f*** up” and Robyn did. LOL.

– This week Ashley Candiace’s apology and things seemed ironed out.

– Gizelle wanted to take her problems to Candiace after learning she called her “Gizelle Monster”

– Karen and Ray seemed distant as he didn’t show up for the housewarming.

The thing that everyone keeps talking about every week is the fact that Gizelle keeps trying and failing to get her fits off. Her outfits and house always look off. Twitter has jokes all season…let’s see the best of them.

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