“Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena is looking at the boss in the mirror and feeling inspired more than ever. The vixen went online this weekend to show off her fashion goals and let the world know she’s all about self-motivation.

Erica Mena Inspires Herself

On Saturday, Erica hit up Instagram with an insane-looking outfit. In addition to putting respect onto her own name, Mena flexed in an outfit inspired by music publications and a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

“I’m so F$cking Inspired by my own life 💯 Fit: @poshbyv” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

High-Key Details

Recently, Mena went to Instagram with a must-like new shot. The pic featured Erica rocking the same fashion drip as her and husband Safaree Samuels‘ daughter.

“@fashionnova Safaree’s Baby Motha 😜 FashionnovaPartner” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Erica Mena’s twinning daughter moment is too priceless to miss.

Wait, There’s More

In mid-July 2020, Mena added a wild twist to Flashback Friday. She shared a ton of glimpses into the past with priceless moments alongside her husband Safaree Samuels.

“Wow! A real Flash Back Friday ✨You really chased me for years and now we’re here 🥰♥️ @safaree I absolutely LOVE being your wife.” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

Before You Go

A few weeks ago, Erica went to her Instagram page with a boo’d up moment alongside Safaree on the couch. The shot also featured her nurturing their baby girl for a memorable photoshoot moment.

“Can you believe it’s almost her half birthday already ✨She’s perfection. A perfect blend of us both🌹 S.M.S 🌹 Photograph by the one and only @mr_guerra” -Erica Mena’s Instagram

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