Just three tracks into their career, Southern California duo DWLLRS is proving that they’re making some of the most refreshing music out. Their newest track, “It’s Only Up From Here,” epitomizes the positivity that has become a necessity in 2020. 

Arriving just a little over a month after their “Iced Coffee” track, “It’s Only Up From Here” is different enough to show versatility while it still proves they know how to play to their strengths. Sonically, it’s a beachy indie pop track that bears R&B influence. Lyrically, it tells a brief story of a relationship that can only get better. It’s a hopeful outlook and positive vibe in what could have been a sad story about a lack of connection. “If we just keep loving, maybe we could live life happily. It’s only up from here” sing DWLLRS. 

The best word to describe DWLLRS music might just be “bright,” in that they’re crafting brilliantly simple songs that seem to bring a sonic ray of sunshine. On “It’s Only Up From Here,” DWLLRS’ vocals seem to glide over the self-produced, endlessly smooth instrumental. 

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