EdTV – 1999 (Louis 19, Le Roi Des Ondes – 1994)

Upon watching Ron Howard’s 1999 box office bomb EDtv, you would probably think that it was Universal Pictures’ answer to the 1998 Truman Show, but the movie about a reality TV show starring Matthew McConaughey is actually a remake of the 1994 French-Canadian comedy Louis 19 le roi des ondes. Both films have similar plots in that they both center around an everyman who is thrown into stardom thanks to a revolutionary concept for reality television, transforming his boring life into something made out of this world. The American version, which had an all-star cast consisting of some of the biggest names of the ’90s with Woody Harrelson, Jenna Elfman, and Ellen DeGeneres, failed to perform at the box office while the original was the biggest movie in Canada the year of its release.

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