New York rapper Cardi B might pop off on her records and social media outbursts, but there’s something about her most people don’t realize. The Bronx native has revealed a lack of collaborations comes directly from her shyness.

Cardi B Is Too Shy To Reach Out To Male Artists

In a new interview with Billboard — who crowned her Woman of the Year for 2020 — Cardi B didn’t hold back on dishing about what’s caused her to not do as many collabos.

“The thing is, I’m shy and really shy to reach out to male artists, to be honest with you. That’s why a lot of collabs that I want, I haven’t gotten yet because I’m scared to reach out. I always get a little star-struck.”

Cardi B is too shy to reach out for collaborations.

Making Love Songs Is Embarrassing For Cardi

The same shyness also prevents Cardi from doing more songs about love and romance.

“When I perform songs like ‘Be Careful’ or ‘Ring’ I usually close my eyes because I get really shy about showing that lovey-dovey side,” she told Billboard. “Even to my engineer, I start giggling … like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t. This is so embarrassing.’”

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Cardi B Named 2020 Billboard’s Woman Of The Year

While her highly-anticipated second album hasn’t come out yet, Cardi B owned the rap game in 2020 with “WAP,” the lead single from that unreleased album. The New York rapper also threw her voice and influence into the political discussion surrounding this year’s U.S. presidential election, and she continued to be a business mogul and fashion icon.

“Billboard Woman of the Year #CardiB: “I like justice, but I also like popping my p*ssy.” 👏 Read the full #BBWomenInMusic cover story + see photos from the special double-cover issue at the link in bio. — Photos: @abdmstudio Styling + Creative Direction: @kollincarter Hair: @kellonderyck Makeup: @priscillaono”

Offset’s Wife Unloads On Wiz Khalifa For Shady Tweet

After Wiz Khalifa seemed to throw a social media jab at Cardi B, the rap superstar and fashion icon went in on the Taylor Gang boss. She posted a DM she’d received from Wiz four years ago that was very supportive.

“This was N*kkas in my dms in 2016! They really support you when you grinding at the bottom then it’s a different story when you make it!” B proceeded to show a message from Wiz reading “You got your cause and your sticking to it. Don’t stray away from the things that are important to you and make you you. Your doing a great job and the way you address things is admirable. Keep your light shining and don’t let others take it. Peace and love.”

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