The last time she was connected to a man it was one portion of the significant alliance DJz. She never came out to guarantee him yet the roads arte convienced something occurred between them.

A year ago the story broke that the Queen B* had discovered her King B* in the arms of Banele. The theories picked up footing as the paparazzi style pictures of the two began circling on the web. It appeared to be that individuals had been perched on the pictures, holding up until it was a story to release the pictures. One specifically included gifting her alleged man a tweaked container of the House of BNG, with the title of his then most recent task, “Ase Trap Kepina Tsa Ko Kasi,” with now commonly recognized name, Focalistic.

The two never quite prevented the bits of gossip from getting their relationship, however basically let the narrative of their presumed relationship fade away gradually. Notwithstanding, from time to time we would reminded that possibly the two actually have a thing going on. For example, when last were Nadia and Bonang companions openly? For what reason did Kamo Mphela that was supposed to have date Banele, conceal the Queen during her meeting with MacG? How did Bonang and Mihlali out of nowhere structure a “companionship.”

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