What’s happening with the United States Postal Service is frightening. In May, Donald Trump appointed one of his unhinged megadonors, Louis DeJoy, to the position of Postmaster General, and DeJoy is implementing sweeping measures to destroy the USPS from within. DeJoy is removing processing plants and mail sorting machines across the country. He’s ordering USPS mailboxes to be removed across the country.

Trump and DeJoy are doing all of this to suppress the vote in the November election. In the middle of a pandemic, there will be a record number of mail-in ballots, and various states have already put measures in place to ensure that the majority of voters will be voting by mail. Because it’s literally a public health issue, and this is an easy one: mail in your ballots. Right? Wrong. And because Trump is trying to steal the election, he’s ruining the USPS and there are literally people who depend on it to get their medication, to pay bills, etc.

Well, Taylor Swift has something to say about the USPS. I don’t hate it at all.

I’ve already requested a mail-in ballot but more and more, I’m thinking about just going to vote in person because I can and because I feel like… then I won’t have to worry about my absentee ballot and whether or not it was counted. I guess I’ll just wear a mask and use lots of hand sanitizer.

Also, this sh-t feels so apocalyptic, all of these photos of mailboxes being carted off for no reason.

Teen Choice Awards 2019

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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