Were people actually surprised that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed a deal with Netflix? Didn’t we already know that they were actively looking for an Obama-like deal of that sort, and didn’t we already know that they would get one? But the royal reporters were shocked and appalled, let me tell you. This was one of the first tweets I saw this morning:

“Couldn’t cope with the normal scrutiny” = Meghan and Harry didn’t want to be racially abused constantly and nitpicked and smeared and gaslighted. “Those family rifts were real, as they now admit” = they know that other royals were behind huge chunks of the smear campaign. “It was always their desire to go off and make money from commercial deals that was behind the split and their move to America” = they always wanted to be part of the royal family, but they knew they were being pushed out and potentially exiled so they tried to leave on their terms, only to be told that they couldn’t be “royal” and try to make money.

Basically, the royal commentators don’t really know what to say. Dan Wootton is making fun of the “woke” angle, Piers Morgan is, like, laughing at H&M for being successful. And other outlets are just wildly misrepresenting the deal:

Meghan Markle will think she’s getting full creative control and be the “Mother Teresa” of Netflix shows, an industry source claimed today. The former actress and husband Prince Harry revealed they had signed a production deal with the popular streaming service – with insiders saying the deal was worth a staggering £75million.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have never produced a TV show, will make documentaries, films, scripted and kids’ programmes. A senior industry source today told The Times that Meghan, 39, would “believe she’s getting full creative control” with the deal.

But they said that instead, the executive producer’s credits she would probably receive were “thrown around like confetti”. The source claimed: “TV networks, Netflix included, don’t let the lunatics run the asylum. Meghan will no doubt want to cast herself as Mother Teresa but that’s not how it’s going to pan out.”

The couple, who quit royal duties in March and now live in the US, said they wanted their “impactful” output to “unlock action” and “give hope”.

PR guru Jonathan Shalit said Harry and Meghan will net between £37m and £75m.

He told The Sun: “It is a staggering deal. Never before has a Hollywood studio got hold of British royal family – this is historic.”

[From The Sun]

Between £37m and £75m? Considering how little the British papers seem to understand about how Hollywood operates, I doubt they have the numbers right. Deadline suggested the deal could be worth $150 million, but that doesn’t sound right either. Especially since it’s a multi-year deal – I would imagine there are targets and perhaps even bonuses (geared around viewership and awards). I don’t doubt that the deal is eight-figure though. Whatever, people are predictably butthurt and salty.

These two are gross.

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex visit the Redwoods Treewalk in Rotorua

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