For months now, I’ve been saying that the courtiers and the British press overplayed their hands with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and they’re still overplaying their hands. Their original goal was to bully Meghan out of the country, to find some way to get Meghan to leave Harry (or better yet, get Harry to “send her home to America”). When Harry was like “f–k this, we’re leaving and taking Archie,” the press and palaces’ new goal was trying to get Harry back… and Harry alone. It’s all so toxic and dysfunctional, I can’t imagine why Harry isn’t persuaded by their efforts, right? Well, speaking of… when Harry was done, HE WAS DONE. Once he saw the family’s unhinged reaction to the Sussexes’ desire to leave, he never wanted to come back. The whole “one year review” thing was cooked up as a face-saving thing by courtiers who didn’t want to admit that they smeared and bullied a blood royal out of the country. All of this hand-wringing that “Harry and Meghan have burned every bridge with Finding Freedom” is moot, because those palace bitches have known for months that Harry peaced out.

The Duke of Sussex was so intent on quitting the royal family that he initially refused the offer of a trial period allowing him and the duchess the chance of returning to the UK, The Times can reveal. His determination to make a clean break without the option of review after 12 months emerged after three days of revelations about the unhappiness felt by Harry and Meghan and the battles they fought with both family and senior courtiers.

Sources on both sides of the family divide admitted that no one has emerged from the weekend’s coverage of Finding Freedom looking good — except the Queen. One said: “People are aware that this does not look good for anyone.” Before the weekend palace insiders were nervously bracing themselves for the worst. Today, however, while several of them felt exhausted by the “uproar” of recent days, there was a palpable sense of relief that it had not been worse. “I don’t think anyone looks at all of this with any particular happiness,” said one source.

However, a suggestion in one newspaper that the disclosures meant the couple had “torpedoed” their chances of creating a new position for themselves within the royal family were dismissed by more than one source. For not only do Harry and Meghan show no sign of wanting to come back from their new home in California, but it has now emerged that Harry had to be persuaded into accepting the idea of a trial period in the first place. The idea of the review was suggested so that the couple would know that the door was always open for them. The Queen had always made it clear to Harry that he would be able to come back if he changed his mind.

“He was adamantly opposed to the review process,” said a source. He took the view that he did not want the press to write that there would be a review, suggesting that therefore they might change their minds and come back. He was also opposed to the idea because it had come from the institution, which in Harry’s view was enough to make it a bad idea. The source said that “under no circumstances would they ever admit ‘this was a big mistake’.”

However, one source said the purpose of the review was not so much to allow them to come back, as to permit some flexibility about their future role. A source close to the Sussexes said: “Do I rule out them taking on roles for the family in the future? Absolutely not. But a full-scale return soon is not likely. That is not down to animosity or anything like that. They have not yet reached what they were seeking to do.”

[From The Times]

LOL. The one-year review was the palace’s attempt to keep Harry and Meghan on a leash, to keep them tethered to their abusers for one more year. As soon as Meghan stepped foot in North America, she was done though. And now we know that Harry was done too. That being said, the Sussexes’ original plan, their original “Sussexit” idea, was to still be associated with the family and to still work on behalf of royal causes and the Crown. That was the “half-in, half-out” plan which apparently made the courtiers sh-t themselves, that was the plan which was rejected in no uncertain terms by the Queen and Willileaks. So, again, they could have had two bad bitches. But once the Sussexes’ terms were denied, they were like “LOL, okay then we’ll just move to America and never come back, SMELL YA LATER.” And the palace was like “no, one year review, Harry will be welcomed back with open arms AND ONLY HARRY, wait where are you going, come back to uuuuusssss.”

Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex arriving at Mansion house

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