During this week’s presidential debate, Donald Trump was increasingly snide and hateful about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s only living son. Joe Biden was trying to speak about his late son Beau, who served in the military, and Trump kept interrupting him to try to needle him about Hunter’s drug addiction. True story: while Beau was the saintly brother, Hunter has been a mess for years. Substance abuse issues, financial problems, a shambolic romantic life. Hunter was always going to be Joe Biden’s weak spot, but I think it says something about Joe Biden that he hasn’t given up on Hunter, and that he’s always tried to support what’s best for Hunter, including supporting Hunter as he is in recovery from drug addiction.

I was expecting the Trumpers to attack Hunter to get at his dad. But I honestly didn’t expect all of the drug talk. After the debate, Don Jr. even called Hunter a “crackhead,” which is pretty rich given Don’s general ‘80s cokehead aura. It’s also pretty rich because people swear up and down that Donald Trump is a rampant Adderall sniffer/user. Given all that… perhaps this was the wrong moment for Melania Trump to say something about National Substance Use Prevention Month?

Okay, first of all, what even is this video. Did Melania come in, see the camera position, and she was like “I got this, I know where to stand” and no one corrected her? She’s talking over her shoulder like she’s performing in a commercial for a designer perfume knockoff. “You will like zee purfum, all brans, including Gucki, Bior, Chanell and Burrberry!” Second of all, the combover wiglet is… a feat of engineering. OH MY GOD. Third of all… she’s a tacky bitch who supported her husband’s Birther bulls–t, wore the “I Don’t Care, DO U” coat to see children in cages, and now she’s trolling families dealing with addiction? Be Best, you fraud.

Trump and Biden Meet in First Presidential Debate

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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