One year ago, the British media was in full-blown meltdown mode because of the one-two punch of the Duchess of Sussex’s guest-editorship of British Vogue AND the launch of her Smart Set capsule collection, which was made to benefit her patronage Smart Works. Smart Works provides clothes and coaching for women entering (or re-entering) the workforce, and the patronage was always an easy fit for Meghan. The Smart Set collection was a master stroke as well, just like the cookbook. The pieces from the capsule collection sold out everywhere and money was raised and more clothes were added to the Smart Works closets. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Smart Set launch, Meghan Zoomed in from Montecito to chat with some women who have benefitted from Smart Works’ interview training and professional clothes.

Speaking with three Smart Works clients, Karla, Charlene, and Agnieszka, Duchess Meghan said, “People can say that so much of Smart Works is about the clothes themselves but it’s really not … all of that stuff is the exterior but it’s what it does for you on the inside that ends up being the best accessory. It’s the confidence, it’s what is built within, that is the piece that you walk out of that room with and walk into the interview with.”

In a press release, the charity said, “The team at Smart Works would like to take this opportunity to thank The Duchess of Sussex for her continued support of our charity, the retail partners who came together to help create the original collection and the wonderful supporters who purchased pieces and helped fill our wardrobes.”

[From Harper’s Bazaar]

The video (below) is very cute and Meghan is just lovely, as always. She enjoys the role of coach and cheerleader, and you can tell that these women really want to tell her all about their job interviews and what they wore and what they said and Meghan really wants to hear it! This is also why the British media has been so tantrum-prone as of late: they’re finally understanding that they bullied and smeared a charismatic, hard-working woman out of the country and she’s not coming back.

Incidentally, Omid Scobie apparently mentioned in his Heirpod podcast that as Harry and Meghan are Zooming so much from Montecito, Archie has been crashing some of the calls and making baby-appearances. I would have loved to have seen him in this video!

Meghan Markle launches the Smart Works capsule collection

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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