Florida rapper Bhad Bhabie isn’t staying silent anymore. The hip-hop artist has come forward to issue a statement on the fight for justice in the murder of Breonna Taylor and let loose some serious emotions.

Bhad Bhabie’s Breonna Taylor Must-Read Message

Bhad went to her Instagram page and didn’t hold back on what’s on her mind. She specifically addressed police taking her life and explained why she didn’t fully speak up on Taylor’s murder.

“First i would like to to say I apologize for not posting or speaking about this sooner. as a lot of you know i was in rehab when these horrific events of racist police brutality started and at the facility i was at they aren’t allow to keep us updated on the out side world…which i believe is f*cked up and that me and the rest of the girls i was in there with should b told about and educated on these horrific events happening in our country. and with that being said when i got home i didn’t know to much about it.” -Bhad Bhabie’s Instagram

Bhad Bhabie’s Breonna Taylor must-read message.

Bhabie also shared her problems with law enforcement and said she had to unleash her true feelings about what happened to Breonna.

“my mom and kj explained some stories to me so i called in a meeting with my team on how i should properly and respectfully address this and THEY decided it was best for me to keep my mouth closed due to the fact that i’m young and some times i don’t word things properly and that allows the internet to easily twist my words i understood what they were saying but i still didn’t feel comfortable staying silent bc i have a huge following and fan base and with that being said i know i can help show awareness and support but i had to respect my team bc 9 times out of 10 they are right about how i should go about things and i didn’t want to fall victim to a “i told you so “ situation. but after seeing the body cam video that was released this morning of this young girl while these disgusting idiots with guns just walk over her with out even the slightest bit of sorrow I could no longer keep my silence this is just heartbreaking,horrific and just overly upsetting. one of the scariest things about this is police are supposed to b the ppl who “protect us” no matter what or who we are at the end off the day we are all human and we all bleed red and what bothers me the most is these grown a** men in the video probably have wife’s,daughters and sisters have absolutely no compassion for this innocent women they just murdered FOR NO F*CKING REASON . my heart goes out to her and her family i pray they get the justice she deserves. #justiceforbreonnataylor

Rotimi Addresses Breonna Taylor Injustice

This week, singer Rotimi delivered his must-see “Unity” visual to the masses following more drama surrounding the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision. He also makes direct references to other victims of police brutality including Black man George Floyd.

The “Unity” music video promotes social change through use of striking visuals that spotlight the world coming together for recent racial justice movements. Opening with Rotimi dressed in an all-white ensemble, his surroundings set as a backdrop for the powerful images of recent events. His opening phrase “Let’s talk about unity“ is repeated as clips of police brutality, mass protests, devastating wars, and desolation flash before the viewers eyes. As Rotimi sings “Whole world  at a standstill, we’re fighting for justice, no need for division, no, we all got a purpose,” a montage of recent Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ protests, coronavirus footage, and images of Martin Luther King Jr. transition from scene to scene showcasing the state of our world, both past and present.

Rotimi addresses Breonna Taylor injustice.

Breonna Taylor’s Grand Jury Audio Emerges

According to reports, there’s conflicting testimony over the seconds before police fatally shot Taylor in her own apartment in March. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker – in the recordings – is heard saying they had no idea who was at the door and said the cops didn’t announce themselves before breaking into the apartment.

The officers involved in the raid, though, insisted in interviews with investigators that they had loudly identified themselves as the police before they burst through the door. It was only after one officer was shot by Mr. Walker, they said, that they opened fire at the couple, killing Ms. Taylor. The dueling accounts of a chaotic and tragic night are captured in 15 hours of recordings from the grand jury’s examination of the fatal raid, which was part of a drug investigation targeting a man who was arrested elsewhere. For the first time, some of those directly involved in the police shooting — including neighbors, officers and Mr. Walker — are heard describing the fateful night. (MSN)

Grand Jury Tapes

In September 2020, Attorney General Daniel Cameron addressed being pressured to release the recordings publicly.

Cameron added that he was concerned that the release planned for Wednesday could hamper the ongoing federal investigation and lead to a “poisoning of the jury pool.” “The grand jury is meant to be a secretive body,” Cameron said in a statement released Monday night. “It’s apparent that the public interest in this case isn’t going to allow that to happen.” The move follows the filing of a motion in Louisville, Kentucky, by a grand jury member to have the sealed transcripts and records released “so that the truth may prevail.” (NBC News)

Breonna Taylor grand jury tapes are going public.

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