Vixen Amber Rose is giving fans an up-close look into her personal life. The hip-hop model went online to share a super gushy and open birthday shout-out to her publicized boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards.

Muva Rose went to her Instagram page to salute AE. Along with acknowledging his born day, Amber dished on how much he’s meant to their son and her first-born Sebastian.

“Happy Birthday Baby! Thank you for loving us so much and being the Amazing father and husband that you are! We are so grateful to have you. This is ur year! Ur Talent, Heart, personality,Smile and Dance moves won me over 2 years ago. You Blessed me with A beautiful lil baby boy Slash and became the Coolest stepdad in the World for my Beautiful big boy Bash and for that I am forever thankful. Now let’s enjoy ur Bday like never before! I love you Sweetheart 🥰❤️🌹” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

Amber Rose pens most gushy open message.

Recently, Muva Rose went to her Instagram page with a super gushy shot of herself hanging out alongside AE. The shot featured her looking extra boo’d up with her bae.

“What he said” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

In mid-September 2020, Rose went to her Instagram page with the ultimate thirst trap. Instead of delivering a public service announcement or full-fledged explanation for why she’s remained low-key lately, Rose simply showed off her busty body and asked folks an honest question about her whereabouts.

“Miss me?” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

Amber Rose teases comeback.

In August 2020, Muva Rose went to her Instagram Story with some must-see content. In the clip, she’s bearing all smiles alongside her boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards.

Amber Rose’s relationship goals still going strong.

In mid-August 2020, Rose hopped onto Instagram with her first back to back posts in months. Instead of getting deep or unloading endless pics, Amber went right to the point and blasted at her unnamed enemies.

“F**k You Sincerely, Muva 🥰” -Amber Rose’s Instagram

Amber Rose returns to social media with a message to her enemies.

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